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The Working Diva with Savanna Kiefer is a place where women of the workplace are celebrated. Self-starters, creatives, and business owners are given their time to shine on this show and share their career stories.

The Working Diva is currently on an extended hiatus, but please enjoy the previous episodes of the show by visiting the podcast feed below.

Savanna Oudit is the founder + voice behind The Dorky Diva Show and The Working Diva. She is currently based in the greater Seattle area and loves to express her passion for fashion, beauty, geek culture, and adventuring through The Dorky Diva blog. 


She is also the owner of a boutique digital agency and has worked professionally with brands around the world to bring their marketing goals to fruition.

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You can listen to The Working Diva by subscribing to the feed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or your favorite podcasting app.

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