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Navsana Otoah

Captain of the Zolan Dart. She lives by her own code in a galaxy full of smugglers and pirates willing to do anything to get by. 

Relldar Sias

Co-pilot, tech whiz and Sabaac enthusiast. When he's not gambling or tinkering with his latest project, he enjoys teasing MURPH-E while Navsana isn't looking.


A scrap-built techno service droid, MURPH-E is always there to lend Navsana a hand. Especially when Relldar fails to do the job "correctly".


Sereth Cole

Navsana white sig.png
Relldar white sig.png
MURPH-E white sig.png

The village chief on the planet Kermai. With his people starving, he's had to reach off world for anyone who'll help.

Captain Donolo

The leader of The Green Scales, a fearsome gang who runs the black market on Ozog.


A Trandoshan Sabaac dealer who knows a little bit about everything that goes on in the Dugo Marketplace. With his tough exterior and sinister laugh, you never know what he's plotting.


A space traveller and old friend of Sereth Cole who now owns his own shop on Ozog.

Pak-to white sig.png
Capron white sig.png


Pysho white sig.png

A thrill-seeking farmer who keeps himself young by raising the less conventional creatures of the galaxy.


An Ortolan mechanic with a deep love of starships. She knows more about the inner workings of a hyperdrive than any pilot out there and isn't afraid to say it.

Captain Donolo white sig.png
Sereth white sig.png


The village elder and spiritual leader for Sereth and their community.

Shibasa white sig.png


Captain Donolo's right hand woman. Neilber is just as ruthless as the Green Scales leader and handles the operations of the gang.


A Kowakian Monkey-Lizard trader on Ozog who is always looking to unite people with their new best friend. 

The Green Scales

Lin, Taro, Lotte, Heyen, Agen: Each one a member of the notorious gang and the some of the most dangerous pilots in the Outer Rim. 

John Cimar

Captain of The Nexu's Claw.

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