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We're currently producing an untitled sequel to The Adventures of the Zolan Dart and we want YOU to audition! Whether you're an experienced voice actor or not, we would love to hear your audition tape.

How to send in your audition:

1) If you already have a demo reel or examples of your voice work, please use the form below to submit your demo reel.

2) If you do not have a demo or examples of your work, record yourself performing the sides below and submit through the form.

Use your best recording equipment to send in your audition tape and please record yourself in a quiet room. Have fun with it and try a few different takes!





(Suspicious) "Are you sure that's all the news you have for me?"


(Stern) "Here's the deal. I'm not going anywhere without a guaranteed safe passage."


(Comforting) "It's going to be alright. Trust me. I won't let anything happen."


(Serious) "We're outta here."





(Welcoming) "Please, take a seat. Make yourself comfortable."


(Sneaky) "I can get you... whatever you want."


(Panicked) "Hello?! Are you there?! Can you hear me?!"


(Dangerous) "I wouldn't go there if I were you."

This is a fan-made project, not endorsed or affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. Actors who are cast will not be paid, but they will receive final cuts of their scenes from the audio drama to use in their reels. All recording sessions will be held remotely.

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